Frequently Asked Questions


Countries we can currently ship to with standard shipping:

Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy
Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lithuania, Malaysia, Norway, Oman, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United States, United Kingdom, Vietnam

• Instead of 5 - 15 working days, Standard shipping might take anywhere between 1 - 6 weeks due to cross border delays imposed by the pandemic. DHL shipping is also available and takes only 3 - 8 working days to delivery, however demands a higher cost.

• All countries not listed above can only be shipped via DHL during this time which typically takes 3 - 8 working days for your order reach you. Note: For Mexico customers, please be advised that Mexico Customs requires the receiver to present an import license for cosmetics.

We now ship locally within the USA, in addition to South Korea. Shipping timeframes are 5-7 and 3-5 working days respectively.

If you are ordering from India or South Sudan, please contact us to check if your area is serviceable by DHL.

* We are aware of that not everyone wants to pay the higher shipping fee that DHL demands but may still need your formulas so Slurp Laboratories will be bearing 25% of your DHL shipping fee during this time for countries only serviceable by DHL. The cost of DHL shipping you see during checkout is automatically supported.

If waiting for Standard Shipping operations to resume even if your country is not listed above is not a problem for you, feel free to place your order and select Standard Shipping - your order will be dispatched in priority when your country resumes accepting flights from South Korea. Do note however we do not have an estimated date for standard shipping's resumption, but you can always change your decision later on (switching to DHL / cancelling your order in the meantime)

We'd like to take this time to hold hands virtually, as we keep ourselves safe and strong during this unfamiliar time of the Coronavirus epidemic. While we remain in operations as an internet business, with our team working from home and only back in the lab and warehouse intermittently, shipments may face a delay due to the restrictions on non-commercial aircrafts that we rely on shipping your orders at a low cost. We seek your patience and understanding during this time.

More importantly, we wish that you and your family are safe physically, mentally and financially. If we can help in any way at all - as a brand, a community and as humans here on Earth together, feel free to reach out to us at We will be right here with you, as always!

* Last updated:
24 February 2021



Currently, every customer is served directly through globally where we dispense your purchased formulas directly from our warehouse facility in South Korea. 

We have been made aware of multiple scam sites that have stolen our content, plagiarised our product descriptions and used them to prey on internet consumers in the thousands! Even more recently, many of you reported a company that took it to another level and manufactured identical packaging to deceive consumers. We've since taken the necessary legal measures with our legal team. 

We urge you to beware of scams from fraudulent advertisement and sites and spread the message if you do come across them. We are unable to control every imitation or con on the internet although we try our best to, and we thank you for constantly reporting these illegal operations to us.



Do you ship to my country?

Please check latest shipping updates under "Covid-19 Shipping Accouncement" above.
The information below is relevant pre Covid-19.

We now ship domestically within USA, in addition to domestic and globally from South Korea.

*If you are ordering from India or South Sudan, please contact us to check if your area is serviceable by DHL.


• Botswana, Fiji, Iraq, Kosovo, and Macau are limited to Fedex Priority Mail / DHL express. This would mean quicker but costlier shipping.

• Certain post offices might not deliver door to door depending on your region and may require you to collect your order via your nearest post office. Countries that we have encountered such problems with includes: UAE, Philippines and Australia (certain regions)

How long does shipping take?

Domestic order (South Korea): 3 - 5 working days

Domestic order (USA): 5 - 7 working days

*International order (from South Korea): 5 - 15 working days

*Due to differences in local customs and postal services, these countries may experience longer shipping times (1 - 2 months):

•South Africa




How much does shipping cost?

Standard shipping is a flat fee of USD ~$5 

For orders above USD ~$81, standard shipping is free

*Shipping fee varies slightly according to selected currency*

*DHL shipping fee varies depending on the weight of the order and destination country. You can view the price of our formulas and shipping in your currency here: The prices shown on our site reflect your unique currency thus it would be most accurate to check out the price on site.

What if I made a mistake with my shipping address?

Contact us @ or drop us a Facebook message and we’ll help you with it immediately

* Last updated: 24 February 2021




How can I place an order?

You can order directly on this website or authorised retailers via list at the bottom of this page

Why am I limited to 2 bottles per formula?

Due to high demand, we would like to make it fair to all customers to be able to make their purchase too without running out of stock. This is also an effort to prevent resellers who purchase in bulk to retail our formulas at a higher price 

Is there a discount code for first time customer?

Due to high manufacturing costs that involves heavy research, advanced technology & high quality ingredients - discount codes are not feasible. Increasing retail price to accommodate a discount code is redundant.

Do I have to pay for taxes?

We do not charge taxes and only receive your payment for your purchase on our site. Depending on your country's custom regulations, you might be subjected to tax charges in relation to your order's total. 

Refund policy

We guarantee a full refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase within 14 days of receiving. Shipping fees are non-refundable but product fees are fully refundable. As much as we'd like to, we're unequipped to refund orders that're made incorrectly if your order have already been shipped out. 

Refund may take 5-10 working days to be credited back to your original payment method.

Return policy

We accept product returns for a refund within 14 days of receiving your order for any reasons including dissatisfaction, damage etc. Returns can be made to our warehouse at:

Slurp Laboratories (Global)

#B102, Busan Design Center

Centum Dong-ro, Haeundae-gu,
Busan, 48059, Republic Of Korea

Slurp Laboratories (USA)

4712 Poth Rd
Columbus, OH, 43213, USA




How soon can I expect results?

You can expect to see a change in your skin’s brightness overnight. Fading of blemishes and healing of indentations is prominently observed during days 3-7 and continues improving cumulatively.

Is Niacid cruelty-free?

Niacid is 100% cruelty-free and does not test on animals. Snail mucin used in formula is obtained amicably without harming or hurting snails.

Where is Hyaluronic Acid in Niacid derived from?

All ingredients (except snail mucin) are plant-derived.

Is Niacid suitable for sensitive skin?

Niacid is formulated for all skin types including sensitive skin with a hyper-focus on science-powered skin reconstruction & healing as opposed to stripping for instant but damaging results.

Is Niacid suitable for pregnant, nursing women?


Can children and teens use Niacid?

There are no age restrictions however we recommend using Niacid only if you possess the skin concerns that Niacid was developed for: Acne scars (post-inflammatory erythema/pigmentation), Indentations (Atrophic scars), Hyper-pigmentation, Damaged skin barrier, Psoriasis, Dullness


How soon can I expect results?
You can expect to notice an altercation within the first week of using Hyaluid such as plumper skin (decrease depth of wrinkles and fine lines), reduction in sagginess as well as refined contours. Hyaluid continues to effectuate and maintain results overtime, ultimately restoring a younger appearance to your skin’s maximum capacity.

Why is Hyaluid called a supplement?

A vast amount of youth dependent molecules has a half life of less than a day in the skin. In other words, 50% is metabolised (breakdown) within a day. And while your body and skin produces them on it’s own, it’s ability to produce an adequate amount is ever decreasing resulting in chronic deprivation that translates into ‘signs of aging’. Hyaluid refills your skin with optimal levels of these molecules, however requires continual supplementation to maintain a young skin environment - just like drinking water curbs dehydration and fatality is an every hour and day measure - hence should be thought of as a supplement. As much as anti-aging products claim to permanently ‘erase’ a wrinkle, the reality is that aging is a natural course of life, enhanced by inevitable uv exposure, pollution etc thus a supplementary replenishment and defence system is required.

Is Hyaluid cruelty-free?


Is Hyaluid vegan?

No. While every ingredient is vegan-friendly, hydrolysed collagen and elastin are derived from marine sources.

Is Hyaluid suitable for sensitive skin?

Hyaluid is formulated for all skin types including sensitive skin. We believe that skin should be respected as sensitive, whether diagnosed with sensitive skin or not - hence every formula we develop will be tested on and cater to sensitive skin types

Is Hyaluid suitable for pregnant and or nursing moms?


At what age should I start using Hyaluid?

While Hyaluid is safe for every age group, the ideal minimum age to adopt Hyaluid is 18 years old given that your body (and skin) is still capable of producing the adequate volume of core molecules that upholds skin’s youthfulness till then and wouldn’t necessarily need additional support. Whether you adopt Hyaluid in your 20s or 60s, Hyaluid does the exact same thing: resurrect and preserve a youthful facial anatomy to your skin’s maximum capacity



How soon can I expect results?

You can expect to see results the morning after polishing with Decalt. Reduced congestion, minimized pore appearance and silkier skin texture. This observation fluctuates over the few days and weeks as deeper, microscopic or macroscopic impurities decongest at different rates along with the re-regulation of skin’s microflora, mantle, cellular turnover and sebum production overtime - before results are maintained.


Is Decalt cruelty-free / vegan?

Slurp Laboratories is a cruelty-free brand and stands against animal harm and testing. Decalt is 100% Vegan.


Is Decalt suitable for sensitive / dry skin types?

As with all formulas developed, Slurp Laboratories consider skin delicate and ‘sensitive’ by nature even if not clinically diagnosed. This means that every formula caters to all skin types including hypersensitive. Decalt is also suitable for dry skin types.

Does Decalt cause peeling?

Decalt may or may not cause peeling depending on the amount of keratinocytes and corneocytes buildup on the surface of your skin. If you experience peeling, this phenomenon will improve over a couple of weeks.

Is Decalt suitable for pregnant, nursing women?

Yes Decalt is safe for pregnant and nursing mommies.

Does Decalt increase sun-sensitivity?

Decalt does not increase sun sensitivity (by paper) What this means is that the concentration of chemical exfoliants Salicylic Acid 0.5% and Gluconolactone 5%  is concluded not to increase susceptibility to sunburn. Gluconolactone in fact protects against damage of UV radiation due to it’s potency in scavenging free radicals. While we honor science, experiments and research findings - we still do advocate for the daily application of sunscreen especially when any chemical exfoliant is present in your routine including Decalt.

Is Decalt suitable for teens?

Yes, Decalt is suitable for teenagers onwards. Decalt is also safe for pre-teens suffering from open/closed, (non)inflammatory comedones. If none of these concerns are present, Decalt is not necessary for the sake of ‘prevention’ or ‘optimizing cellular turnover’ as skin is functioning holistically during this age bracket.

Can Decalt be used over eyes and lips?

Yes, Decalt is eye and lip safe. However we do not suggest using Decalt around the orbital area unless there are concerns in that area e.g Milia to be treated. 

We're always happy to help! If none of the answers above were related to any of your questions, email us at or chat with us on any social profiles like Facebook, Instagram and we'd be right on our desk to serve you.